Efficient LED High Bay Lights Improve Operational Efficiencies


Industrial leaders of lighting face mounting challenges […]

Industrial leaders of lighting face mounting challenges in today's economic environment. Their pressure is on for industrial facilities to perform better and more reliably to meet their quality targets, customer expectations - and financial goals. Better lighting is a valuable tool for brightness industrial prospects.


New, efficient LED high bay lights are definitely a key solution to improve operational efficiencies and boost productivity. Now, how to choose the best LED high bay light for your industry?


Generally, high bay lights are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. That usually means ceilings ranging from 20 feet to approximately 45 feet. Given their placement, high-bay lights are natural fits for commercial and industrial uses. They have multiple applications across a wide range of industries, including storage facilities, warehouses, workshops, parking garages, gymnasiums and supermarkets, etc.


Energy is a large component of manufacturing costs. Actually, it refers to annual operating hours multiplied by electrical cost (kWh). So leading manufacturers look to high-efficiency high bay lighting for positive impact on the bottom line. The first thing they should consider when choosing LED high bay lights is the lighting structure. Actually, this is because lighting structure affects heat dissipation effects.


Manufacturing executives have to take into consideration not only the structure of the high bay light, but also LED technology and optical lens manufacturers adopted. LED technology is a key factor in determining lamp life. Currently, LED lights are more safe than high intensity discharge lamps and fluorescent lights. Also, LEDs need very little electricity to provide sufficient brightness and LEDs do away with costly maintenance with their durability. Even though there are many LED high bay lights with adopting various LED technologies to choose from, it is still tough to choose the best one.