Advantages of LED high bay light


The industrial and mining lamp is a kind of lamp mainly […]

The industrial and mining lamp is a kind of lamp mainly used in industrial workshops, logistics storage bases, large stores, stadiums, mines and other high-shed places. Traditionally, it is mainly based on metal halide light sources, but today it is basically all LED industrial and mining lamps. Replaced by, LED high bay light is a kind of lighting products using LED as the light source, it mainly has the following advantages:

100W-200W Waterproof LED Outdoor Aluminum Housing High Bay Light

LED high bay lights have high light efficiency and good environmental performance: after the advent of LEDs, many lighting fixtures have begun to use LED light sources, as are LED high bay lights, as we all know. Led is a solid-state cold light source. It is a new type of light source. The industrial and mining lamp made by LED has a small heat rate, high light efficiency and low power consumption rate. It is an ideal production. Working lamps.

LED industrial and mining lamps are durable and have a long service life: In our lighting market, LED industrial and mining lamps are almost all made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials for the production of lamp housings. The strength of aluminum alloys is relatively high, and the performance of all aspects is relatively stable. Therefore, it will not change the shape of the wire after long-term use. Its surface is processed by high-pressure electrostatic spraying and has a long service life.

Some LED high bay lights also have certain explosion-proof performance. Considering the particularity of the place where the lamps are used, when making led industrial and mining lamps, the manufacturer will adopt a special explosion-proof structural design, and use tempered glass to make the lampshade of the lamp, plus the production after the die-casting process, The performance of the finished product of the LED high bay lamp is relatively stable, has a certain explosion-proof performance, is very convenient to use, and has a high safety factor.